Time to become strong again!

This summer the physical training have been kind of up and down
. This have to do with me having more obligations at the school this year. Some weeks it was good (especially the sanshou, stair-training and the jumps), but in general not enough I would say. This is no problem since my body also needs slow periods to recover so it is all good. Well.. Problem or not it is going to change now! I went to the University and met a guy in the entrance of the wushu hall that just made me turn around and go home. He had no shirt and tree times as much muscles than me. I turned around like "Oh, yeah.. I forgot to bring my biceps!"... So next time it is time to "bring'em!"

What I learned from the training in Wudang is that the extra 8 kg of muscles I had when I came was a little bit too much. After loosing them the forms finally looked good and relaxed, and the speed increased with 50%. So this time I will use a different program. What makes this kind of training possible is also the change of food, where the mountain diet does not match muscle building training. Everything has its place and here it is time fore a more athletic experience.

So, just to get started I added a 15min morning workout this week. Nothing special so feel free to join me in the training!

Rule 1: Every morning when you get out of bed, no mather what
Rule 2: Atleast two rounds, If you have time do three
Rule 3: Do it strict and slow if the number of movements seem to few

1) Situps 50
2) Torso raise 50 (rygglyft)

3) Squat 20
4) Pubu Squat 20 (kliv ut och sjunk ner till pu bu, presssa tillbaka till stående, sen ner på andra sidan)

5) Pushups 30
6) L-pushups 20 (handstående med avlastning för benen)
7) Diamondpushups 10 (händerna tätt intill varandra)

8) Biceps curl 20 (use your own force)

*OBS! This is just one of the training-sets during the day (mornings)! Tell you more about the other training later!


danne är med på tåget!

2011-10-11 @ 16:30:05

Sådärja! Nu är den gamle Jake tillbaka. Det ska bli kul att följa.

2011-10-12 @ 01:49:46

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