School start

Yes, after a long holiday the school finally started today. Somehow I was trying to tell myself that we probably would start off smooth.. but why would we? This is China, the land of always hard. First day in school and we get to perform the forms we learned last year in front of the class, with no chance of repetition or proper warm up. Thank you for that!

After going home to eat and sleep for an hour, I did my music homework, stretched and got back to school to warm up and prepare for the afternoon class. My coach came to me and we had a good discussion about my training this year and what I needed. Then the class started with warm up, stretching and all the basics as normal. After a while the headmaster of the wushu department shows up and starts to talk to the coach.. about me! So I hear them say that I'm not relaxed and to slow. A few seconds later the coach comes screaming at me. I was taken to the side and had to do the same kick, with the same leg a couple of hundred more times. After that we finished off with 4 rounds of "100m frog jump" competition. Of course we only picked out the last guy, not the winner, and laughed at him. A few times it was me.. but I didn't laugh any of the times.

Just now
I stood with the head leaning against the front door thinking "never again", like after the wildest party ever when you got too drunk. This time there was no party, only the 5 step stair leading to my apartment. Lets just say that even that can be a challenge if you cant move your legs. So once again, we are back to normal here! Great. Just great! I don't even want to know how this will feel tomorrow.

This will be a good year!


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