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The blog is Back!

Madame Butterfly at The Royal Opera, Stockholm, Sweden.

After some time of thinking I found it better to have a blog here again then to update the Wudang STHLM website every day. Last time this blog was up and running I was in China doing all kinds of interesting stuff. And my feeling was that back home I have nothing to write about. But actually that is not true. I feel there is a lot of cool things happening right now and it is time to take back this portal so all of you can keep up with me and Wudang Pai Sweden.

So What is NEW? 

1. Last night we performed infront of the King of Sweden in the new opening of the opera Madame Butterfly. Me and Joakim Pettersson, Jens Choong and Daniel Sundberg performs a stunt act in one of the scenes. Nice job and fun experience. Go and see it if you have the chance!

2. New Place for classes, HOUSE OF SHAPES, where I also work as a personal trainer. We have Taiji training three days a week and the classes are getting more and more popular.  

3. Workshop in Umeå in the beginning of December. Check out the flyer on the top of the page!

I will be back with more updates soon!

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